Evergreen will be Red Deer’s newest community with old school charm. It will feature the modern amenities that fit today’s lifestyle wrapped around a collection of architecturally interesting homes.

For the first time, we will add new housing options to the Red Deer market, like Streetscape Homes.

Being the first to allow a variety of home styles in the same community will create more choice for home buyers while diversifying the streetscape of the community.

Streetscape Homes include a front-attached garage but shift the eye’s focus to the overall design of the home. Things like the front door, veranda or porch become the focal point of the exterior, instead of a protruding garage. 

This is accomplished by shortening the distance between the sidewalk and your front door.

Watch the video

Watch the video below to see how the main features of the home become flush with the garage, blending it in with the architectural detail and adding curb appeal.

Evergreen is proud to be the first community in Red Deer to offer new home styles, more choice, and ultimately the charm that you used to only find in mature neighbourhoods.

Streetscape Homes are now available to purchase in Evergreen. Visit one of our approved builders for more information.

Evergreen offers so many choices, naturally.