— Evergreen Homeowners Association —

Evergreen Community

Homeowners Association

We are committed to building communities with amenities that go above and beyond city standards. We establish a Homeowners Association (HOA) to ensure that these amenities are maintained for the long-term enjoyment of all residents. The HOA maintains these amenities, so you can rest assured that these community features will remain in great condition.

The Evergreen HOA does not own any of the infrastructure or facilities. This HOA exists to supplement maintenance in high impact areas of benefit to the whole neighbourhood and pay for power consumption on amenities not typically allowed in city neighbourhoods (tree lighting, roundabout lighting, waterfall). By design, there is very little risk of significant cost increases to the HOA fees, unlike other HOAs typically found in condominiums or larger centres. You are automatically a member of the HOA when you purchase a home in the community of Evergreen.

Features Maintained by the HOA:

  • The entrance plaza and sign lighting
  • The median in Evergreen Way and lighting in the trees
  • The roundabout landscaping and lighting on the island
  • The waterfall and lighting at the bridge
  • The lookout feature and stream bed around the lake

Features Maintained by the Homeowner:

  • Residential boulevards

HOA Fees

Fees are estimated at $125/year + GST and are collected annually.


The HOA provides an opportunity for residents’ input into future amenities and events in their community and serves as a vehicle to preserve and enhance the overall value of the community.

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