Everything you need to know about Homeowners Associations

The Basics

A Homeowners Association is a non-profit society that manages a community’s features and assets for the benefit of all residents.

In Evergreen, gorgeous natural scenery is accented by its thoughtful amenities and trail system, making it one of Red Deer’s most outstanding neighbourhoods.

HOAs ensure that a higher standard is met in terms of amenities offered, up-keep of those amenities, and overall beauty and longevity of a community.

By purchasing a home in a neighbourhood with an HOA, you automatically become a member and are required to make annual payments.

The initial fees in Evergreen are estimated to be $100 per year.

The Benefits

Melcor builds communities that are more than just a collection of beautiful homes. They are places where families grow and neighbours connect.

They are master-planned and amenity rich. Melcor builds communities to a higher standard than most, which means including amenities that the City will not agree to maintain. 

Certain amenities within a community can only be provided if they can be maintained, via an HOA, such as:

  • Entrance plazas and features including electricity
  • Bridges, waterfalls and water features
  • Feature landscaping and planting
  • Community gateway and roundabout feature

The Legal Stuff

The Evergreen Homeowners Association is a non-profit society.

Membership in a community HOA is mandatory for all homeowners. This includes those living in both single and multi-family dwellings.

An encumbrance, registered on title in favour of the HOA, allows funds to be collected to cover the costs of maintaining and operating the HOA. A board of directors administers the HOA in accordance with the Articles of Association. Residents of Evergreen can hold director positions on the board.

Each homeowner is required to pay an annual fee to the HOA. Fees are collected once per year, with a maximum allowable fee set in the encumbrance on title.

You will receive an invoice for your fees in the mail. You will be given a variety of ways to pay your fees including:

  • Online
  • By cheque
  • By credit card

Unpaid HOA fees are sent to collections. A lien may be registered against your land title for unpaid fees.

Evergreen Phase 1 Amenities

These amenities in phase one will be maintained by the Evergreen HOA.