What is an HOA?

Everything you need to know about Homeowners Associations

The Basics

A Homeowners Association is a non-profit society that manages a community’s features and assets for the benefit of all residents.

In Evergreen, gorgeous natural scenery is accented by its thoughtful amenities and trail system, making it one of Red Deer’s most outstanding neighbourhoods.

HOAs ensure that a higher standard is met in terms of amenities offered, up-keep of those amenities, and overall beauty and longevity of a community.

By purchasing a home in a neighbourhood with an HOA, you automatically become a member and are required to make annual payments.

The initial fees in Evergreen are estimated to be $100 per year.

The Benefits

Melcor builds communities that are more than just a collection of beautiful homes. They are places where families grow and neighbours connect.

They are master-planned and amenity rich. Melcor builds communities to a higher standard than most, which means including amenities that the City will not agree to maintain. 

Certain amenities within a community can only be provided if they can be maintained, via an HOA, such as:

  • Entrance plazas and features including electricity
  • Bridges, waterfalls and water features
  • Feature landscaping and planting
  • Community gateway and roundabout feature

The Legal Stuff

The Evergreen Homeowners Association is a non-profit society.

Membership in a community HOA is mandatory for all homeowners. This includes those living in both single and multi-family dwellings.

An encumbrance, registered on title in favour of the HOA, allows funds to be collected to cover the costs of maintaining and operating the HOA. A board of directors administers the HOA in accordance with the Articles of Association. Residents of Evergreen can hold director positions on the board.

Each homeowner is required to pay an annual fee to the HOA. Fees are collected once per year, with a maximum allowable fee set in the encumbrance on title.

You will receive an invoice for your fees in the mail. You will be given a variety of ways to pay your fees including:

  • Online
  • By cheque
  • By credit card

Unpaid HOA fees are sent to collections. A lien may be registered against your land title for unpaid fees.

Evergreen Phase 1 Amenities

These amenities in phase one will be maintained by the Evergreen HOA.

Choose Your Lot

Builder Inventory Update!

The first showhomes in our showhome parade are beginning to open. Meanwhile, the first families are moving into Evergreen. If you’re looking for your opportunity to live in Red Deer’s most natural community, don’t wait! Lots in phase 1 are selling quickly.

We’ve updated our initial map of phase 1, showing which home builders have lots in Evergreen and where. It’s a great tool for you to use to choose your home based on location and builder. 

Spring is just around the corner & we are looking forward to our entire parade opening. In the meantime, visit our builders in their current showhomes in Evergreen and Laredo or contact them by phone or email to learn more about Evergreen and to purchase your lot. 

Current Showhome Information

In Evergreen
Abbey Platinum Master Built
32 Ellington Crescent

In Laredo

Asset Builders 17 Longmire Crescent
Falcon Homes 141 Lalor Drive
Krest Homes 9 Larratt Close
Larkaun Homes 85 Longmire Close
McGonigal Signature Homes 136 Larratt Close
Sorento Custom Homes 69 Larratt Close

True-Line Homes
15 Little Close

Other Contact Information
Email Address
Unique Elevations doreen@uniqueelevations.com

Bedrock Homes

Mason Martin Homes

Lots by Builder

Click the button below to choose your desired lot. Then, use the table to the left to visit or contact that builders’ current showhome in Evergreen or Laredo.

Please note: If the lot you would like is listed as “For Sale by Melcor”, please contact the approved builder of your choice to inquire.

Year in Review

Season's Greetings!

It’s easy to look forward – to the next holiday party, next week, or even next year. We’re ready to take on 2019, but the holiday season is a reminder to slow down and use this time to reflect.

2018 was the year that saw Evergreen begin to evolve into its natural beauty. In 2019, we will do exciting things like:

  • Open our Streetscape showhomes in the spring
  • Watch the 2019 Kinsmen Dream Home take shape in Evergreen, opening in the fall and built by Larkaun Homes
  • Move-in the first Evergreen families and watch the community grow

But in order to get where we’re going we have to know where we’ve been.

Here’s what we did in 2018:

Features & Amenities

  • We planted 611 trees, 766 shrubs, 2,396 perennials and 635 grasses
  • The entrance feature and plaza were completed
  • Began creating the bridge and waterfall feature in the central park

Lots & Home Construction

  • 33 acres were developed into:
    • 118 single-family lots
    • 47 street townhome lots
    • A 2 acre multi-family site
    • 6.4 acres of open park space
  • 9 of 12 streetscape showhomes are under construction
  • 12 homes have been presold and are either under construction or preparing for construction

Roads & Trails

  • All roadways and paved rear lanes were completed
  • Decorative streetlights have been installed
  • The trail system has been laid out and paving has begun
  • 650 metres of asphalt trails were laid, looping around the constructed wetland

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From everyone here at Melcor, working to bring the Evergreen vision to life, we wish you and your family a joyous holiday season.

Introducing: Streetscape Homes

Evergreen will be Red Deer’s newest community with old school charm. It will feature the modern amenities that fit today’s lifestyle wrapped around a collection of architecturally interesting homes.

For the first time, we will add new housing options to the Red Deer market, like Streetscape Homes.

Being the first to allow a variety of home styles in the same community will create more choice for home buyers while diversifying the streetscape of the community.

Streetscape Homes include a front-attached garage but shift the eye’s focus to the overall design of the home. Things like the front door, veranda or porch become the focal point of the exterior, instead of a protruding garage. 

This is accomplished by shortening the distance between the sidewalk and your front door.

Watch the video

Watch the video below to see how the main features of the home become flush with the garage, blending it in with the architectural detail and adding curb appeal.

Evergreen is proud to be the first community in Red Deer to offer new home styles, more choice, and ultimately the charm that you used to only find in mature neighbourhoods.

Streetscape Homes are now available to purchase in Evergreen. Visit one of our approved builders for more information.

Evergreen offers so many choices, naturally.

Watch Evergreen Grow

Watch Evergreen Grow

If you’ve been following along on our Instagram account, you’ve seen sneak peek clips of our conceptual video for Red Deer’s most natural community.

Now, view the video in its entirety and get a feel for the natural beauty and design that will bring Evergreen to life.

It also showcases some of Evergreen’s premiere amenities – like Clearview Market Square, Riverbend Golf & Recreation Area, St. Joseph High School, and our walking trails with connectivity to Red Deer’s trail system.

Watch the video

Naturally Exquisite

Every community begins with a vision. We are in the early stages of growing Evergreen, and it’s an exciting time to follow our journey or make it your own by building your home here.

We have a lot to share on the creation of the neighbourhood – you’ll be able to see how we will transform areas of Evergreen into beautiful tree-lined streets, natural storm ponds, landscaped trails and entrance features, and the community overall.

We know you’ll be impressed by the detail that goes into building a master-planned community that’s more than just a collection of beautiful homes.


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Announcing Evergreen's Builders

11 of Red Deer’s finest home builders will execute Evergreen’s vision.

Today we are pleased to announce the 11 home builders who will build Evergreen’s first phase. Each home will have a focus on architecture and will incorporate Evergreen’s natural surroundings into its design.

Click on the Phase 1 lot map below to find your lot

All of Evergreen’s builders have a proven track record of fine craftsmanship in the Red Deer region. On May 31st our builders selected their initial lots, which will be ready for construction this summer! Now, you can use the lot map and builder legend to choose your home based on location and builder.

Contact the Builder for your Selected Lot

Our builders are ready to help you build your home in Evergreen – just contact them at the phone number below, or by stopping by their showhome in Laredo. Please note: Only our exclusive builder group can purchase a lot that is held by Melcor. Contact your builder of choice to inquire about any of the Melcor held lots.

Abbey Platinum Master Built
Asset Builders assetbuilders.ca
Bedrock Homes bedrockhomes.ca
Falcon Homes falconhomes.net
Larkaun Homes larkaunhomes.com
Mason Martin Homes masonmartinhomes.com
McGonigal Signature Homes www.mcgonigalsignaturehomes.com
Sorento Custom Homes www.sorentocustomhomes.com
True-Line Homes www.truelinehomes.com
Unique Elevations www.uniqueelevations.com